Between Mont Jacques-Cartier and the Refuge Tétras 2 of 2

The path from yesterdays post was luckily not like that for the entirety for the entirety of the 5km between the Summit and the Refuge. Here are some of the other views from that trail (including a couple of much improved trails!) The first image showed some snow we came across on the path; a veritable Christmas in July (it in fact was July 25th). The second a little lake (Okay, a pond) right beside where the snow was. The third shows the path descending again below the treeline with a lake in the background. That lake is our destination and if you look really closely, you can see the green metal roof of the Refuge close to the lake in the middle of the trees. Finally, the last image is of a slightly improved path on the way to the Refuge. Christmas in July Comes Through! Pit Stop on the Path Path and View to Refuge Yet another style of Path

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