Zoé and Family

C'était sincèrement un vrai plaisir de passer mon après-midi à photographier la belle Zoé et sa famille au Centre De La Nature du Mont St-Hilaire. Une belle randonnée en poussette tout en prenant de belles photos avec une superbe famille! Merci beaucoup.


It was honestly my pleasure to spend the afternoon shooting images of Zoé and her family in the 'Centre De La Nature' in Mont St-Hilaire. We had a great stroller hike while doing the photo session with this amazing family. Thanks a ton!

 Here are some of my favourites from the shoot. The whole set can be seen on FlickR here or by clicking through the album at the end of this post (hover over and click on the arrows on either side of the image):








Sunrise in Chelsea

Here are the images from a morning romp (started at 0430) to a new location I wanted to try out in Chelsea. I wandered around in both the car and on foot with GuynS looking for an ideal place to capture some neat shots.

Although they aren't my favourite shots ever ... here they are! Use the arrows to scroll through all of the images of the shoot.

End of the 'Parc de la Gaspesie' photos

Very (very) long overdue ... this post puts to rest the last few images of last summer's trip to the Parc de la Gaspesie. Here are some of the moving bodies of water seen on the trip. For the full album of images from the trip, head over to the FlickR album here or use the arrows on the last image below: https://www.flickr.com/photos/scerakor/sets/72157634876985017/

Chute du diable

Water over the rocks

Trickling Stream

Quebec falls

Babbling Brook

Here are all of the images from the trip: use the arrows to scroll through them!

Sunset HDR's at the Refuge Tetras

I've been catching up a lot on the HDRs from the trip this time and half to go back to the first night sunset. Here are a few from that evening ... Sunset from Refuge Tetras Sunsets over Xalibu Watching the Sunset

Different paths on the same day

One of the things I found extremely amusing was the drastic changes possible between walking paths that we experience throughout the hike. Here is a very specific example of the change in paths within a period of no less than a half an hour. The first image below is the trail that we had to hike in the woods descending from the Xalibu lookout and to the cabin below that I pointed out in previous images. The second one is the trail that was directly following that same cabin. Slight difference.
Rocky Woods Trail Another Park Path

Down to the lakes

Down to the lakes by Scerakor
Down to the lakes, a photo by Scerakor on Flickr.

A few posts ago I showed a few pictures of the destination; a cabin down on one side of the mountain. The actual path down follows a ridge back and forth down into the forest. This is the view on the complete other side of the mountain!

Up to Mount Xalibu

After looking off the lookout I showed a couple of posts ago, believe it or not, we had to keep climbing in order to go down. We figured the 'sketchy Inukshuk paths' were finished, but alas, this was not the case. Here was the path heading up:

This kind of path again?

Here is a link to a panorama of the top of this peak, Mount Xalibu. Zoom in using the "+"/"-" buttons on the bottom right and then scroll around to your hearts content!


Here is a quick 'hero shot' from the top of the peak with Marc and the great view in the background.

Marc de la Parc

And finally ... look at the path to head down!

Another Inukshuk Path