About Me


How Did I Get Into Photography:
My name is Cameron Arsenault and am currently living in Kingston Ontario but am soon moving to Ottawa. I have been interested (casually) in photography ever since my dad bought me a small yellow camera from Mcdonalds (it may have been a part of a happy meal). I started to pay more attention to the principals of photography when I bought a new prosumer camera when I was traveling in China. The following Christmas I began reading my Mother's NYIP course books, soon after bought a DSLR, and have hardly put it down since.

What I Shoot:
I enjoy landscape photography the most but at the same time like jumping into all sorts of different photography as well. I've tried (do try?) my hand at astrophotography, portraits, animals, macro, and really anything else I can. Having a cat and a beautiful black lab, you can easily see where I get motivation for my animal photography as well.

What's in my Bag:
Canon 450D
Sigma 10-20mm
Sigma 17-70mm
Canon EF II 50mm
Canon 55-250mm
Lensbaby Composer
As well as many other trinkets "necessary" to get the job done

Where Can You Find Me:
Besides on the Scerakor Photography photoblog, you can follow me on: