ScanEagle UAV Capture

As promised, here are a couple images for the capture of the ScanEagle UAV. Unlike regular aircraft, the ScanEagle UAV doesn't "Land" in a traditional sense. In order to get it down it uses the "capture device" seen below (no ... I don't know what the official term for it is). Both this device and the UAV have GPS sensors in them and this is done automatically (no one is flying it). The UAV approaches the device, hits the vertical wire with its wing, the wire then slides down the wing and clips into the clip at the end of the wing. It bounces, spins, and hangs there to be picked up and walked back. ScanEagle Capture ScanEagle UAV Capture The Eagle Has Landed Capturing a UAV ScanEagle Return Capturing a UAV Mission Complete Walking Away with an Aircraft

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