Refuge Tétras

Finally we arrived at the Refuge Tétras. This is a cozy cabin in the 'middle' of the park that in which you can reserve a bed. It holds up to 8 people and makes for a comfortable stopover at the end of a day of hiking. We arrived, put down our stuff, explored a little bit (particularly scoping out a spot for some sunset pictures later on) and sat down to eat. After eating we spent most of the rest of the evening watching the sun go down over the lake and the stars come out. Here are some images from in and around the Refuge that night. The first is of the lake beside which the Refuge is situated. The next ones are of the sunset (and the surrounding landscape including the cabin itself during the sunset). Finally, the last image is an Iridium Flare that we watched from the Refuge. View from the Roof of the Tétras Refuge Looking Back at the Refuge and the Summit of Mont Jacques-Cartier Admiring the Sunset Sunset and Sumbersions Sunset in the Park The Refuge Iridium Flare over Tétras

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