Between Mont Jacques-Cartier and the Refuge Tétras 1 of 2

Since the next step of the journey that day was to make it to the refuge (Refuge Tétras) in which we were going to sleep that night, we continued on. Since there are several photo worthy spots and stories along this way, this chunk of the trip will be a double header! The most shocking thing about this next part was leaving the summit of Mont Jacques-Cartier. By this I mean that we left the well groomed, well maintained and oft traveled path to the summit and started on its polar opposite (for the first bit at least). As soon as we left the summit I literally said out loud, "Where is the trail?" The next few images show the trail we were on for the next kilometer or two. Rocky lichen plastered, large rocks made up the entire trail (if you can call it that) to the point that we only knew where we were going by following the Inukshuks! Fun stuff! The path the the refuge Where is the trail? Temporary 'Shelter' The Way We Came

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