Garden of the Gods for the Last Time

Ok ... just because I have an excess of images here from the garden of the gods, I'm posting them once more then we can move on to other images! Again, since I have too many Garden of the Gods images, you are getting four of them here and the rest will be up on FLICKR HERE by the time you read this. Next images to come include images from Bear Creek regional park, Pike's Peak, and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

The first image is of the central Garden of the Gods from the high point on ridge road. The second image is from one of the most picturesque parts of the Garden. This is the highest place you can get to (without rock climbing) in the central parts of the garden. The third image is of the famous "Pike's Peak" as the sun falls behind the mountain range. Finally, the last image shows what I was talking about earlier about the Colorado Springs landscape, desert and mountains!

Ridge Road Look Out
High Overlook to the Central Garden

Up Close and Personal with the Garden of the Gods
Central Garden of the Gods

Pike's Peak from the Garden of the Gods
Pike's Peak

Desert and Mountains
Desert and Rockies

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