STILL the Garden of the Gods

Ok .... so I have a lot of images from the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs that I want to share with you. These are three from my second time hiking through the Garden. The rest of the images from the first time through have all been thrown up on FLICKR HERE.

The first image is from one of the high vantage points overlooking the the mountains in the distance, including the famous Pike's Peak which is dead center. The second is of the Grey Rock (maybe it is the white one, I have to double check) close to the entrance to the main paths in the Garden. And finally, the third one is taken FROM the top of the same Grey Rock looking into the gateway of the paths in the central garden.

Ridge Road Lookout in the Garden of the Gods
Pike's Peak From Ridge Road

The Grey Rock in the Garden of the Gods
The Grey Rock

Gateway to the Central Garden of the Gods
Twighlight over the Garden of the Gods

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