Pike's Peak Panorama

This is very much a trial post. I have been really trying to find a way to display my panoramic images other than as a long annoying band of image. I find that it just didn't do justice to the amount of information in an image like this. I found this website, CleVR, which seems to do what I want. What should happen is that the panorama below should load up and you are given a few controls. First you should click on the "zoom out" button a couple of times to show a little bit more of the image at once. I find that it works the best at about one or two stops short of fully zoomed out. When you put the cursor over the image and it gives you a hand you should be able to click and drag in the direction you want to look. At fully zoomed out there are are a couple of spots that look distorted in the corners, at one level zoomed in there are vertical lines, and at two levels zoomed in you start to get degraded image quality. Although it is not perfect is the best option I've found to date. Let me know if you know of any better way of doing something like this!

This is a 9 image panorama taken from the top of Pike's Peak. From 14,115 ft you can see Colorado Springs below, the Garden of the Gods, the Barr Trail (the 13 mile trail leading up the mountain), and technically the wide open space in the distance is Kansas! Although I didn't take the hike up, it was more than worth the trip to the top.

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