Torrey Pines Sunset

Here are another couple pictures from the Torrey Pines Park in San Diego. This was from one of the trails up the cliffs as I watched the sunset. These are a couple of images of one tree (and obviously the surrounding landscape) that really stood out to me.

Sunset over the Ocean

Bent Tree

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Anonymous Says:

Beautiful photographs! I am getting married on April 6 2013 and am trying to work out the timing of the reception. Just curious but do you remember what time of the evening this was taken? This is the lightening I am hoping to catch just as our ceremony starts and hope you can help me figure it out.



Cameron Arsenault Says:

Hi Angela, Thank you for the kind words. Just for reference, although I posted this picture on April 6th, it was actually taken mid March. Both pictures were taken at approximate 6:20 PM therefore about 30-40 minutes before the sun set. I hop this helps and best of luck for your wedding preparations!

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