Skidoo Trails

I am behind in my photo editing and posting. Way behind. I still have images from Punta Cana, images from the cottage during reading week, images from the walks before that, and images from my trip to San Diego. Some I have already edited, some I haven't, but lets try and turn this to the positive. Instead of sticking with one theme (trip) for a long period of time, I think I will rotate. Starting with dog walks today, then the cottage, then the San Diego trip, then back to dog walks (rinse and repeat).

These two images are a couple of pictures of the neat walking spot that I found (for the winter). These skidoo trails make for a relatively quite walking spot for GuynS and I. Unfortunately, with the 20+ degree Celcius weather we've been having, I guess I need to find a new spot until next winter.

Ottawa River meets Lac des pecheurs
River meets Lake

Ice Fishing in Gatineau
Skidoo Trails

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