Work in the Dominican

The third image here is the unsung hero of this series. One of the things that makes my really happy to have risen at 0600 to take pictures was to see the state of action in the early morning around the resorts. The work in the mornings that goes unseen is amazing to give the impression of perfection in these resorts. A tourist wakes up in the morning and makes his way down to the beach and sees the image of perfection; this tourist doesn't even think of the work that makes the beach look this way. At ~0700 in the morning we saw approximately 30 workers spread out over many many resort beaches just raking the seaweed from the beach, placing it in garbage bags, and removing it even before the tourists arrive. Similarly (and maybe more often seen) many workers climb the coconut trees and remove the coconuts that have even the most remote chance of falling on a beach faring tourist.

Sunrise Behind the Boats
Sun About to Rise

Boats on the Ocean
Boats on the Ocean

Early Morning Work in the Dominican
Dominican Morning Work

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