Rideau Falls

Even though there are quite a few of these HDR's from the Rideau Falls portion of my walk around Ottawa, I will get through them in two posts. I've been wanting to get out to the Rideau falls for a few images ever since we moved to Gatineau. We noticed them while going over the bridge to the Gatineau side when we saw someone on the side of the bridge (is there even a pedestrian spot there?) taking pictures of them. The many different parts of Ottawa with the "Rideau" name (river, road, buildings, etc.) all derive themselves from these falls when the falls were dubbed "Rideau Falls" since they were a "curtain" of water (Rideau is curtain in French). The rest is history ... and photographs below.

Rideau Falls
Over the Rideau Falls

Black and White Rideau
Black and White Rideau Falls

Icy Rideau Falls
Icy Rideau

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