Pike's Peak 1/2

Although I already posted the panorama from the top of Pike's Peak, the rest of the images will come in the next two posts. Today's images are from the Cog Railway on the way up and down. This shows how scenic the area is, not just at the destination (14,115 ft) but also all the way up the old railway! The first image contains the only naturally formed lake visible on the way up. The tour guide mentioned that if you stretch your mind a little it looks like a chess knight. The second and fourth image shows the thing I've always argued with the folks back home ... it's not a mountain unless there is a tree line! Finally the third image shows a little bit of the local wildlife seen on the way up. Next post will have a few of the images from the top.

Natural Lake in the Pike's Peak Forest
The Only Natural Lake

Tree line and the Mountain's around Pike's Peak
Rocky Mountains

Mountain Wildlife
Mountain Wildlife

I Miss the REAL Mountains!
From the Cog

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