Bear Creek and Helen Hunt Falls

This is going to be another 'large' post. By that I mean I'm going to throw in here 4 images (not that I am going to ramble on TOOO much). These images go way back to Wednesday of last week. I was originally in search of the waterfalls seen in the previous post, but took a lot longer to get to them than expected. I ended up hiking in a regional park called "Bear Creek Park" and making my way up to a picturesque lookout where I can see over Colorado Springs and a lot of the surroundings. The first below is from this outlook. Around the centre of the image you can see the Garden of the Gods and the parallel ridges of rocks that are leading towards the garden is the Red Rock Open Area. The next two images are from the Helen Hunt Falls area. The first one is of the falls, and the other two are the view from the top of the trail that goes up the mountain.

Look out from Bear Creek Park
North Eastern View of Colorado Springs

Helen Hunt Falls
Bottom of the Falls

View From the Top
From the top of the Helen Hunt Falls Trail

Down the Helen Hunt Falls
View to the East

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