To see what we could see

Continuing on from yesterday, I continue the images from the hike in the Gaspésie. We made it up to the intersection you see in the first picture below (from the path on the left towards Tétras) and found it neat. Not shown in the picture here though is the 'side-trail' off to the right that we could (and did) take out to look out point.

Path to the Lookout

Taking that quick trail to the lookout point gave us an idea of where we were headed - well, the 'shortcut' to where we were headed. Having checked out the maps before hand, having a GPS with us and knowing what the previous refuge looked like, we made our-selves an educated guess that the next refuge had to be 'near-by'. Alas, it was near-by, but we would just have to take a different path to get there. The 2 pictures below show the view of the next cabin (not exactly the next refuge on the trail, but a cabin none-the-less) from the lookout point.

Down the Mountain

Shortcut to a cabin?

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