Action Montage

Getting tired of watching GuynS jump off the dock at the cottage? Well that seemed to be the bulk of my shots from that weekend! Don't worry though, this is the last post in this series of GuynS leaping. There are a few more wildlife and landscape shots to come though ... 

The three images below are one in the same. I wanted to put together a series of beginning to end of GuynS' leaps. Unfortunately, I found that a couple of those images deserved some face time of their own. Below is the montage of four images and two on which I loved his body language / expressions.

The second image below is my favourite since it has spot on focus and since GuynS is 100% focused directly on me / the camera. The third image below is SLIGHTLY off on the focus but I loved the expression on his face and the placement of the ears.

Leaping Montage


I can do it!

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