View From the Chalet Roof

This Canada Day weekend was spent up at the cottage. It was one of the first night's for a long while that I have been up there and it has been clear enough to merit bringing the camera out for some night photography. The interesting thing about taking pictures is how different a scene looks from different angles. You end up trying so many different points of view of essentially the same subject, that when you finally get the "right one", you know. That is what happened with this image. The pictures I was getting from down by the dock were decent, but it just wasn't working for me. I've already taken hundreds of pictures at the cottage and I needed something different. The image below is my favourite of the evening AND it is a completely different angle from any other image I have made at the cottage. Where did I get a shot like this from? Yes of course, I scrambled with my camera, tripod and all up on the roof of the cottage to get a star trail image of the lake, boat, dock and even the group around the fire.

View of Lac Ste-Rose from the Chalet Roof
View from the Chalet at Night

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