MIT and the World Shaving Headquarters

Besides sweeping wide-angle views of the city, you can still see some Bostonian specifics from the 50th floor of the Prudential building by zooming in a little bit. I only had my walk around lens (17-70mm on a cropped sensor) so I couldn't get in any further than this but I find them interesting anyways. The first image is of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Mclaurin building just on the other side of the Harvard bridge seen on the left of the image. I really liked the reflections of the colours along the bridge and the northern coast of the Charles River Basin. Next ... here is another 'zoomed' in image of the city. I really like what turned our for the car trails of head and tail lights but there is something else. The upper right corner of the image seemingly houses the "Gillette World Shaving Headquarters" ... what that is ... who knows! More night-time landscapes of Boston to come.

MIT at night
World Shaving Headquarters
World Shaving Headquarters

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Truly an intellectual paradise!

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