Emergency Shelter

Last week Josh and I went for a walk to take pictures in Gatineau Park. This little cabin was one of the places that we ended up. From what I can gather it is a emergency shelter for cross-country skiiers (or hikers) that get caught in a snowstorm (or really just want to go for a picnic I guess ...). There is no power inside the cabin, there are several picnic tables, a woodstove (complete with english and french instructions on how to light an fire and use it), a separate shed outside with wood for the stove, and an emergency radio. Despite the lack of power at the site there is a solar panel which I assume is used uniquely to power the radio inside the cabin which has instructions on how to call down for help in the case of an emergency.

The second image below gives an inside view of the cabin and as well shows the power/purpose of HDR sometimes. Without HDR, getting both a decent shot of the inside of the cabin as well as the breathtaking view to the Gatineau valley below would have been impossible. I really like in that image how the view down the hill really does look like a painting on the wall.

More images to follow of the cabin, the view from the cabin, and other spots in the Gatineau park over the next few days.

Gatineau Park Radio Cabin
Gatineau Park Radio Cabin

Inside the Cabin
Inside the Gatineau Park "Cabin"

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