The Rooms Upstairs

This time when I visited the hotel I ventured up the stairs in the back of the hotel (cautiously making sure every step was still safe) and checking on the inside of the hotel. It looks as if the upstairs was a living area for the owners (complete assumption). There was one room upstairs that looked as much of a mess as those that were downstairs but the rest was eerily clean. The first image below is of the living room which was the most cleared of them all. I really like how this one turned out. The second image was of one bedroom upstairs although not clean and tidy like the living room, was creepily still intact. This includes the bed being made and the dresser relatively cleared. This room was by far one of the creepiest.

Living Room
Empty Room

The Bed is Still Made

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Kai Says:

I guess spending all that time on that is paying off, all your shots look like stock photos now. Where was this taken?

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