Nightscapes of the Chalet

As promised here are the remaining nightscapes that I have from a few weeks ago at the chalet. I really need th bring/make something (barn door tracker, etc) to get a longer exposure on the milky way. I figure that option is more likely right now than getting a camera with higher ISO levels or buying faster glass! The first image below is the "standard" starscape over the lake shot. I enjoy the second image since it takes you a second to realize there is something funny going on with the "smudge" on the eight hand side. It is not in fact another smeared cloud like the one on the right but the "smudging" of the milky way from the long exposure. Finally, the third image is similar to one ( taken approximately one year ago. This one instead has more emphasis on foreground elements.

Milky Way Over the Chalet
Milky Way Over the Lake

Clouds, Stars, and Milky Way Streaking over the Night Sky
Star Trails over the Lake

Star Trailing Over a Busy Campfire
Cottage, Fire, and Stars

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