My own Top 5 HDR Images

Few words make photographer spark up a heated debate quicker than High Dynamic Range. Some love it, some hate it, some hide from the discussion as if their reputation depended on it. If I've already lost you and you are wondering what HDR is (and are interested in finding out) pop over to Trey Ratcliff's site for a description of what this type of photography entails (make sure you come back here though!). He also has a great tutorial and many amazing images to peruse if you are interested in jumping into HDR yourself. Like it or not, it is a widely popular form of photography or post processing today. Although it is often a technique I use when tackling landscapes or wanting to throwing an interesting spin on a subject, I definitely agree that some HDR images can easily be taken way too far. Those that dislike HDR may even find that to be the case for the images below, but believe me they can get a lot more "dynamic" than that. All controversy aside, here are my picks for my Top 5 HDR images of my own. Feel free to click on any of the images to get to the Flickr page where you can see it larger (click on "all sizes" at the top of the image) or check out some of my other work.

Pride - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Hwy 2 Barn - Ontario
Hwy 2 Barn

Chapel Point Battery - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Part of Chapel Point Battery

Smoke on the Water - Quebec
Smoke on the water

Tree of Life - Ontario
Tree of Life

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Anonymous Says:

Cameron, I love your HDR photography. I've had people make rude remarks about the 'cartooning' I do with my Homestead Collection eg 'if you want it to look like a painting, why not just paint it'? They really don't understand! I love all the effects out there for us and feel it brings a whole new beautiful level to photography. Keep it up, you're an awesome talent! (not anonymous) Mary Worel

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