While walking back from RMC, camera in hand, I was looking around hoping to get a few shots of Steve and Josephine. When this guy popped his head out of the rocks. I stopped in my tracks, so as not to startle it. I quickly snapped off a picture, nothing good, but at least I had something. It saw me. I figured that was it and that it was going to take off. But no, not only did it not run away, but it came towards me trying to get a closer look! The first image below is barely cropped. It came up to a couple of meters away from me, decided it was uninterested, turned around and left. I followed it along the rocks for a little while, taking pictures when it stopped to look back. I could have sworn the second one proves that he needs to go see his optometrist.

Who are you and what are you doing?

I forgot my glasses

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Kala Says:

This is an amazing shot - the clarity and detail are great.

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