New and Exciting

Today's picture is part of the few images that I got from the Halloween weekend. Although not Halloween related, I still enjoyed the perspective. Besides that I have a couple of things to mention. 1: If you haven't yet checked out the site HDR spotting, do so, it is full of all sorts of amazing HDR photography. As well, I just got another one of my images up as an "editors pick". It doesn't really mean anything except for it will draw more attention to both that image on flickr, and my stuff itself. 2: I was thinking about throwing up a couple photography tutorials of some sort on here, in order to draw a little more attention. So, for those that do read it now, if anyone interested in having a basic 'beginners' tutorial for either HDR photography or Astrophotography (or something else that you can think of), let me know. 3: Finally, if anyone knows what it is and is interested in a "Google Wave" invite, let me know, I have a couple invites to give out. As usual, the rest of the images from the Halloween weekend are up on Flickr. Without further adieu, today's image.

Wide Tree

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Anonymous Says:

nice tree, eh - but can you see the river?

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