Double Feature

Since I haven't been here for awhile, today's post will be a double feature. First of all I have an image from a week ago that I made of the RMC arch. Its funny since I've been going to this university for coming up on six years now, I've been into photography for a couple of years, and I've never gone out to take pictures of the arch! Until now. Here is one of the ones that I like better from the 5 that I threw up on FLICKR. The second image is something that I'd been thinking of throwing together for awhile. It is a 4 picture mosaic of me with 4 of the different cameras that I have (and there are three, plus the one taking the picture I didn't include!) Some probably don't work (value village acquired for ~$4) and some that are in perfect working order that I have to get into playing working with.

Blow Out You Bugles

Cameras and I

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