This is one of the three trial images taken last night from my homemade lightbox. The light isn't yet as diffuse as I would like, nor does the poster board fit perfectly in the back. I also want to add a light source on the right side when I'm taking pictures with it as well. But all in all, it is a good start. The subject here is one of the trinkets that I picked up from my summer in China. Trottier and I made a point of getting a little statue that represented each of the places that we went to. This one represented the summer palace since there was a "full sized" statue of this guy that we marvelled over. It is a Kylin (Qilin). It is a mythical creature that has different animals' body parts mixed into one and often looks like he is on fire. Despite his menacing look, he only punishes the wicked. Apparently he can walk on grass without bending a blade. To see the other two trial light box images click here. To go to the rest of my photostream, click here.


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