CF Badminton Nationals Teaser

Here is a quick shot of the CF Badminton Nationals I took pictures at this week. Three things I learned about shooting badminton. 1: The birdie and the racquet go really fast and will almost always be blurred, 2: Before smashing the birdie or putting it deep, most players will jump a little, this leads to a lot of 'floating' shots, and 3: A lot of the timing for shots is luck. I end up keeping the setting on AISERVO (Autofocus follows what I am following with the centre of the frame), keeping both eyes open (so I can see when the birdie is coming), and take a shot every time the birdie is about to (or just has been hit). I think I got a few good ones from the last couple of days, but we'll see. Here is the only one I have edited so far. To see more of my photography visit my flickr photostream here.

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