Providing Communications to the Forces

These next series of images are a long time coming. These images ... and those that are to follow in the next few days, are ones that were taken in Wainwright during a military exercise. I'm definitely glad I had the chance to bring the camera along. The 'theme' for these three images is SATCOM. All three of these images have the 8ACCS (Trenton) 2.4m SATCOM dish they use for their deployments. The first image is an HDR overlooking the airfield, as the sun comes up, with the dish in the foreground. The second image is similar but a slightly different perspective and time of day. Finally, the third image also shows the 8ACCS' mobile air traffic control tower and an example of what they may have been controlling!
  Providing Communications2.4m Dish from 8ACCS Control of the Airfield

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