Boston Library Statues 1/2

As promised, these images are not from 50 floors up of Boston, but this time rather of the statues in front of the Boston Library.  The building itself is quite impressive but ironically enough I didn't even get a good image of the whole building. I was more attracted to these statues, the architecture that was behind them, and the flag. This post, and tomorrow's post, show the 5 images of the two statues that I came up with.

Boston Library Dusk Portrait Dusk Portrait
Boston Library Statue Boston Library Statue

2 Response to "Boston Library Statues 1/2"

Andy Levitz Says:

Cameron, I know where those statues are, and I know how you must have had to position yourself to get those angles. Did people stare? Great pictures, as always!

Cameron Arsenault Says:

Thank you very much! You know what ... I'm sure they did stare, yes. I tried not to pay attention to them looking at me though.

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