Chutes a Patoche

You getting tired of waterfall pictures yet? What about icy waterfalls? Yes? Too bad ... the next few posts are of icy waterfalls again, this time up near the cottage. This was my first trip up to these falls during the winter (I had only been up there once before during the summer ...) Our intention was to take the trails up to the falls via Skidoo ... 5 minutes on to the trail dirt and rocks were showing such that we couldn't (didn't want to risk the tracks breaking) keep going. We then parked the Skidoos and Michel and I continued on foot. While we walked the rest of the ~1hr uphill walk, Sylvie took a Skidoo back to the cottage, got a 4 wheeler and met us up at the top (an equally challenging feat I must add ...). I think the effort was worth it though.
The thing that is interesting about a place like this is that you can never truly emulate the feeling of being there in a photograph. There is so much more to the place: getting there, the sound of the roaring falls, the chilly ice, the smell of the woods, etc. Having realised that there is no way you are going to completely capture the mood, there is a couple of approaches that you can take to photographing something like this (or try everything like I do ... AKA "spray and pray"). In this post I demonstrate the first method, go WIDE.

Les Chutes Gelé
Frozen Waterfalls

Les Chutes à Patoche

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