Eye see you

Here is another one that deals with close ups of an eye. This was an interesting challenge to take considering it is of my own eye. I was using my "super macro" set-up (a 50mm lens mounted backwards on my 55-250mm lens) in order to get as close as I could. Obviously, the challenge with this set-up is the manual focus needed. The REAL problem is that I was using my own eye and therefore couldn't exactly look through the camera to find out what the right focus distance was. I started off by just guessing (checking the focus distance with a lens cap and then putting my eye at approximately that distance) and using the self timer to fire off 10 quick shots. That didn't work as well as I liked. So I ended up turning on live view (so you could see the image on the screen of the camera) and using a mirror to judge how well it was focused. Picture this in your heads, here I am seated in a chair, right eye centimeters away from a camera lens (this is ignoring how ridiculous a 50mm looks mounted backwards on a zoom lens), eyes forced wide open, left hand wrapped around the right side of the camera (where by the way is a studio light also pointing towards all this) holding a mirror trying to use my left eye to judge if the image will be in focus or not. All in all, it probably looked quite ridiculous.

Eye see you

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