Simple Backdrops

Although this is not a new concept by me or (by no means) in photography in general, I thought I would show a couple shots with a simple background. When someone is taking a picture of any object, a simple background can make a world of difference. The images below are simply put in front of a shiny white poster board supported by a couple books in the back. This frees pictures of clutter and allows makes a generally "cleaner" image.  Of course, either a DIY softbox, or a professional one lit from more than one sources gives the best type of image; this is just a quick and simple way of doing things.
The first image is of the newest Quebec microbrewery beer that I have tried, Les Trois Mousquetaires. The second is of the corsage that was for Marie-Eve for the Christmas Ball at RMC. Unfortunately, it was forgotten at the apartment when we left for the ball.
Finally, awhile back I mentioned the possibility of writing an astrophotography tutorial. One branch of which at least has been written. If you want to read about my take on taking pictures of satellites, take a look at my article on bright hub here. It talks about how to predict when the ISS is going to pass overhead, when an Iridium flare will take place, and how to take pictures of each.

Les Trois Mousquetaires


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