Photography Blog?

I've played around with the idea of a photography website, and technically I do have one at, but I'm not sure that I like it all that much. It's harder to update and slow to load since it is all in flash. I'm not even sure that this is going to last to tell you the truth. My plan is to try and put up a new picture every day (or couple of days) and slowly develop this into a sort of photography site for myself. So, today's picture is my second try at the ISS and the space shuttle STS-119 that is docked at this time. It was a combination of 5 exposures of 30 seconds each, in order to avoid star trails and still get a full ~2ish minutes of ISS flight time. Click here to view it large.

For more of my photography please see my flickr photostream at

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Anonymous Says:

hey cam great picture keep it up hope to see more love your big sister rikki dawn

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